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1908 Halfpenny British | British Halfpenny 1908

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Three new British coins  ....
New coins released include a 50p to commemorate Battle of Britain and a £2 to mark First World War centenaryThird coin is £2 marking 800th anniversary of Magna Carta showing King John accepting historic treaty in 1215

The English penny first appeared in  ....
The English penny first appeared in Anglo-Saxon times, as a silver coin. It was derived from another silver coin, the sceat, of 20 troy grains weight, which was in general circulation in Europe during the Middle Ages

New UK £1 Coin  ....
David Pearce, 15, and a pupil at Queen Mary’s Grammar School in Walsall, beat off fierce competition from over 6,000 entries with his winning design being chosen following a public competition organised by the Royal Mint on behalf of Her Majesty’s

Phase out of one and two cent coins  ....
A scheme aimed at reducing the number of one and two cent coins in circulation in Ireland is under way. Rounding if one and two cent coins will be conducted on a voluntary basis, meaning customers can opt out and ask for the exact change ...

1908 Halfpenny British | British Halfpenny 1908

Edward VII UK Halfpenny Coin 1908 

Edward VII Halfpenny Coin 1902-1910

The obverse of the halfpenny is from an engraving by
George William de Saulles. A small "De S" can be found beneath the bust.
While the reverse contains the words "HALF PENNY" above
a seated picture of Britannia with a date below.
The first 1902 halfpennies use the same obverse from the
Victoria "old head" halfpenny, however, they are soon
changed in 1902 to produce a slightly modified obverse.

Edward VII Halfpenny
1902-1910 Bronze, 5.7 grams, 25mm Diameter.

1908 Halfpenny British | British Halfpenny 1908 Halfpenny  
Coin Type: Halfpenny Country: British
Alloy: Bronze Year: 1908
Diameter: 25mm Weight: 5.7Gram
Mint: London Mint Number Minted:

Date SoldDescriptionSoldbySellprice
01/06/2014Halfpenny 1908 Freeman 387 Dies 1+B Unc And Lustrous The Reverse With A Couple Of Tone Spots, And Some Light Contact MarksLondon Coins£60
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