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1916 Halfpenny British | British Halfpenny 1916

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Three new British coins  ....
New coins released include a 50p to commemorate Battle of Britain and a £2 to mark First World War centenaryThird coin is £2 marking 800th anniversary of Magna Carta showing King John accepting historic treaty in 1215

The English penny first appeared in  ....
The English penny first appeared in Anglo-Saxon times, as a silver coin. It was derived from another silver coin, the sceat, of 20 troy grains weight, which was in general circulation in Europe during the Middle Ages

New UK £1 Coin  ....
David Pearce, 15, and a pupil at Queen Mary’s Grammar School in Walsall, beat off fierce competition from over 6,000 entries with his winning design being chosen following a public competition organised by the Royal Mint on behalf of Her Majesty’s

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A scheme aimed at reducing the number of one and two cent coins in circulation in Ireland is under way. Rounding if one and two cent coins will be conducted on a voluntary basis, meaning customers can opt out and ask for the exact change ...

1916 Halfpenny British | British Halfpenny 1916

1916 Halfpenny British George V Coin 

George V, son of Edward VII was born in 1865 and reigned from 1910 - 1936. 

Type 1 From 1910 to 1925 inclusive 

Britannia seated right on rock by sea, holding shield and trident 1916

It was long considered that the first halfpenny coins were produced in the reign of King Edward I (1272–1307), with earlier requirements for small change being provided by "cut coinage"; that is, pennies cut into halves or quarters, usually along the cross which formed a prominent part of the reverse of the coin. However, in recent years metal detectorists have discovered a few halfpennies of Kings Henry I (1100–1135) and Henry III (1216–1272) – these are extremely rare and very little is known about them; they have all been found in the London area, where they circulated alongside the more common cut coinage, and while it is possible that these coins were patterns or trials, it is clear that they did see circulation. No documentary evidence of these coins is known to exist, and it is possible that there are other coins or issues still to be discovered.

1916 Halfpenny British | British Halfpenny 1916 Halfpenny  
Coin Type: Halfpenny Country: British
Alloy: Bronze Year: 1916
Diameter: 22mm Weight: 5.67Gram
Mint: London Mint Number Minted: 39.386.143

Date SoldDescriptionSoldbySellprice
2016 JanGreat Britain, George V Halfpenny, 1916On Offer Ebay€5.27
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