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1955 Halfpenny British | British Halfpenny 1955

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1955 Halfpenny British | British Halfpenny 1955

1955 Halfpenny British Elizabeth II Coin  

Elizabeth II Type 2: No BRITT OMN 1955 

 This Brushwood Coin Note is the first in the series and explores one of our favourite coins - the ‘ship’ halfpenny - the reverse was inspired by Sir Francis Drake’s “Golden Hind.” The design was created by Mr T H Paget OBE in 1937, and you will find his initials (HP) in the field below the stern on each coin. The ship halfpenny design was issued into circulation between the years of 1937 and 1967, eventually being demonetised on 31 July 1969. However, a final ship halfpenny was minted retrospectively for 1970, but only issued in proof sets of that year. In 1971 the much smaller and less popular “new half pence” was then introduced as part of the new decimal coinage. The original coin was not often called a 'half penny', neither was the plural said as 'half pence'. The usual pronunciation sounded like 'hayp-knee' referring to a single coin or 'haypunce' in the plural, as for example in 'three halfpence'. Manufactured in bronze, with a diameter of 25.4 mm (one inch) and a weight of about 5.7g, there were 480 halfpennies in a pound (£1). Before the reign of Edward I the halfpenny had been generally obtained by cutting pennies in half and was at that time, like the penny, originally minted in silver. Copper half pennies made their first appearance in 1672, and in turn were replaced in 1860 by the bronze version, of which the ship halfpenny is the final example of pre-decimal coinage.

  • Colloquially written ha'penny, there were 480 in one pound sterling; coin was 25.48mm in diameter, and weighed 5.67g


1955 Halfpenny British | British Halfpenny 1955 Halfpenny  
Coin Type: Halfpenny Country: British
Alloy: Bronze Year: 1955
Diameter: 25.48mm Weight: 5.65 g
Mint: London Mint Number Minted: 18,799,200

Date SoldDescriptionSoldbySellprice
2016 FebUsed British 1955 Elizabeth Ii Half Penny Coin (One Coin Only) (D.T)On Offer Ebay$4.34
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