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Hunt out those 2p coins as copper prices soar
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Full Sovereign gold  ....
Branch Mints - Ottawa Canada History

1925 Gold Sovereigns  ....
One of the most unusual facts about 1925 sovereigns is that in 1949, 1950 and 1951, the Royal Mint produced sovereigns, but instead of preparing new dies with George VI's head, and with the correct date, they lazily re-issued George V sovereigns da

1933 Gold Sovereigns Were Not Issue  ....
1933 Gold Sovereigns Were Not Issued Neither were half sovereigns.

1937 Gold Sovereigns - Edward VII 1  ....
1937 Gold Sovereigns - Edward VII 1937

1989 Gold Sovereigns Coins Were Dif  ....
1989 Gold Sovereigns Were Different As you can see from our photographs, 1989 sovereigns did not use the by now traditional St. George and Dragon reverse design. Instead to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the first gold sovereign for Henry VII

Sixpence  ....
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Firet Gold Coins  ....
The first gold sovereign in the reign of Henry VII The first Sovereign, its designs rich in symbolism, was part of the trappings of the new Tudor dynasty.

Hunt out those 2p coins as copper prices soar

British shoppers have long viewed one penny and 2p coins as little more than a nuisance, but rising copper prices made rummaging around the backs of sofas a little more worthwhile today. A 2p copper coin is now worth 3P.

British Copper coins made before 1992 are 97 per cent copper, which means that each 2p coin contains 6.9 grams of copper and each penny piece contains 3.45 grams of copper.

To get a tonne of copper it would take 145,000 2p coins or 290,000 1p coins, giving a face value of £2,900.

But if the same coins were sold for their metal content they would collect almost £4,500, after the price of copper hit a fresh high of 8,312 US dollars (£4,463) a tonne today

The Royal Mint warned that it was an offence for a member of the public "to melt down a coin of the realm"

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