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Full Sovereign gold
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Full Sovereign gold  ....
Branch Mints - Ottawa Canada History

1925 Gold Sovereigns  ....
One of the most unusual facts about 1925 sovereigns is that in 1949, 1950 and 1951, the Royal Mint produced sovereigns, but instead of preparing new dies with George VI's head, and with the correct date, they lazily re-issued George V sovereigns da

1933 Gold Sovereigns Were Not Issue  ....
1933 Gold Sovereigns Were Not Issued Neither were half sovereigns.

1937 Gold Sovereigns - Edward VII 1  ....
1937 Gold Sovereigns - Edward VII 1937

1989 Gold Sovereigns Coins Were Dif  ....
1989 Gold Sovereigns Were Different As you can see from our photographs, 1989 sovereigns did not use the by now traditional St. George and Dragon reverse design. Instead to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the first gold sovereign for Henry VII

Sixpence  ....
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Firet Gold Coins  ....
The first gold sovereign in the reign of Henry VII The first Sovereign, its designs rich in symbolism, was part of the trappings of the new Tudor dynasty.

Branch Mints - Ottawa Canada History

Branch Mints - Ottawa Canada
Since 1871, British sovereigns were struck at branch mints, in addition to the Royal Mint in London.
The first branch mint to strike sovereigns was Sydney in Australia. It made good sense to produce British sovereigns close to the gold mining source areas, rather than ship the gold to London to be made into coin, then possibly ship it back again.
In 1872, the Melbourne mint followed.
The Perth, Australia mint started production of sovereigns in 1899, and the Ottawa mint in Canada started in 1908.
The Bombay mint in India struck sovereigns in just one year, 1918, and the Pretoria mint in South Africa started production in 1923.

The mintmarks used by the various mints are as follows:-
Mint Mintmark
London None
Sydney S
Melbourne M
Perth P
Ottawa C
Bombay I
Pretoria SA

The mintmarks are to be found on the ground above the centre of the date, at least for the Edward VII and George V sovereigns. Many collectors find the mintmarks very difficult to find at their first attempt, but it really is quite easy once you know where to look. It helps of course to use a magnifying glass!
Our photographs show a 1913 Canadian Mint sovereign, and a close-up of the date and mintmark.

Ottawa Mint, Canada
The Canadian Mint at Ottawa only struck gold sovereigns for ten years between 1908 and 1919.
All of these are scarce, some rare, and two of the dates are extremely rare.
The Ottawa mint was set up to coin the gold, which had only recently been discovered in British Columbia and the Yukon, into gold sovereigns. It opened on January 2nd 1908, and this was the first date of British gold sovereign to be minted in Canada, although it is one of the two extremely rare dates.
Naturally the mint produced other coins in silver and base metal, the first coin struck at the Canadian Mint was a fifty cent piece. The mint still operates today, and is known as The Royal Canadian Mint. It was made a Crown Corporation on April 1st 1969.

Dates Produced
Canadian Mint sovereigns were produced in the following years:-
Date Mintage
1908 646
1909 16,300
1910 28,020
1911 257,048
1913 3,717
1914 14,900
1916 6,119
1917 58,875
1918 106,570
1919 135,957
Total 628,152

The rarity of each date is not quite in proportion to the mintage figures. Many are thought to have been melted down, some dates being affected more than others. It is possible that only a handful of the 1908 mintage survive, making this an extremely rare coin. Similarly the 1916 is much rarer than its mintage figure would indicate, making it also a very rare date of sovereign.

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