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Grading of British Coins (For all Metals)
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Full Sovereign gold  ....
Branch Mints - Ottawa Canada History

1925 Gold Sovereigns  ....
One of the most unusual facts about 1925 sovereigns is that in 1949, 1950 and 1951, the Royal Mint produced sovereigns, but instead of preparing new dies with George VI's head, and with the correct date, they lazily re-issued George V sovereigns da

1933 Gold Sovereigns Were Not Issue  ....
1933 Gold Sovereigns Were Not Issued Neither were half sovereigns.

1937 Gold Sovereigns - Edward VII 1  ....
1937 Gold Sovereigns - Edward VII 1937

1989 Gold Sovereigns Coins Were Dif  ....
1989 Gold Sovereigns Were Different As you can see from our photographs, 1989 sovereigns did not use the by now traditional St. George and Dragon reverse design. Instead to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the first gold sovereign for Henry VII

Sixpence  ....
Things of interest

Firet Gold Coins  ....
The first gold sovereign in the reign of Henry VII The first Sovereign, its designs rich in symbolism, was part of the trappings of the new Tudor dynasty.

For all Metals

Maybe coin wear through normal circulation or damage or faulty striking.
Poor: is a coin that as considerable wear all over the coin.
These coins have no value to collector. Unless it is a very rare coin.
Fine: is a coin that allso as considerable wear to the raised
surfaces of the coin .
Some detail should be visible
Very fine: is coin that as some ware to the raised surfaces of the coin .
This means that the coin as only been in normal circulation for few years.
Extremely fine: is a coin that as very little sign of circulation.
This means that the coin slightest wear to the highest areas of the coin .
minimal scratches.
Uncirculated: is a coin with new condition as issued by the mint .
Retaining full Lustre. These coin do pick up scratches bag mark in mass production .
Many dealers will want a 100% lustre with a uncirculated coin .
Brilliant uncirculated: is another word for uncirculated coin .
This time the coin got to be 100% lustre as new from the mint.
With out mark or scratches on the coin .
Fleur-de-coin: these coins are flawless untouched.
with out mark or scratches or hairlines on the coin Generally.
applied to proof of the coins
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